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EV Drivers Spend $1 Per Minute on Shopping while Charging

Our platform connects EV owners with exciting nearby stores and businesses. Want to maximize your charger revenue? Find out how partnering with us can help drive more customers to your location!


Cutting-Edge Technology

Seamless integration with your system so customers can conveniently pay straight from our app

Analytics and Insights

Receive information about the demographics and needs of your customers so you can better target them

Wide Range of Consumers

Rather than using multiple competing networks, EV drivers can be pointed towards all types of charging stations

Exponential Growth

Charge Anywhere is at the forefront of an EV revolution, with limitless business opportunity for your charging station


Contact us to hear more details about the benefits of Charge Anywhere and submit your request to join our network.


Receive an assessment of your charging station site complete by one of our representatives.


Integrate your system’s software with our Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) for the consumer’s ease.


Appear on the Charge Anywhere platform and start serving new customers.

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