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Experience the future of electric vehicle charging with our app. Easily locate the nearest fast chargers, stay updated with real-time availability, and plan your trips efficiently. With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive reviews, our app ensures your EV journey is smooth, convenient, and stress-free.


You can choose from three different sizes to fit your specific needs. The Charge Anywhere widget will automatically save your preferred networks, plug types, and minimum plug counts. Don’t worry about deleting your last amenities search, because the widget function will always direct you to chargers near your current location. Experiment with different sizes and see what you like best! There are three different widget functions that can be edited from your settings.

Types of Widgets

Closest Fast Chargers

Get the details for the closest fast charger in seconds. Pick this widget if you’d rather be decision-free.

Nearby Fast Chargers

Pick this widget if you want to get a quick charge in but still want to see all your options nearby.

All Nearby Chargers

Not in a rush? Pick this widget if you want the numerous options presented in a fully populated map.