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Intelligent Route Mapping: Benefits for Charge Point Operators

Intelligent route mapping refers to the use of real-time data, including the current charge level, charging station locations, traffic conditions, and elevation changes along the route, to help EV drivers plan their trips more efficiently. Intelligent route mapping minimizes unnecessary stops at charging stations and reduces travel time. This technology is pivotal in enhancing the convenience and practicality of electric vehicles by making long-distance travel more accessible and predictable for EV owners.

Charge Point Operators (CPOs) may not think this technology has any benefits for them, but by directing drivers to the most convenient charging stations, it may bring you more customers than ever before. Partnering Charge Anywhere ensures that your charging stations are part of our comprehensive map used by EV drivers.

The Basics of Intelligent Route Mapping

Intelligent route mapping is a technology-driven approach to navigation and trip planning that uses real-time data and advanced algorithms to optimize the selection of routes for various purposes, such as minimizing travel time, conserving energy, or avoiding traffic congestion. 

In the context of EVs, intelligent route mapping takes into account factors like the vehicle’s current battery state, the locations of charging stations, traffic conditions, elevation changes, and other relevant data to plan the most efficient and practical routes. This technology aims to enhance the overall travel experience by providing users with optimal routes that consider specific needs and preferences, whether it’s finding the fastest route, maximizing EV range, or minimizing environmental impact.

Why Intelligent Route Mapping is a Game-Changer

Intelligent route mapping personalizes to the user. Drivers who don’t have higher-end luxury EVs often struggle to find charging stations that work best and most efficiently for their make and model. Even if your charging station meets their needs, they may not come across it – but that’s where intelligent route mapping comes in. Here’s how it can increase the visibility of your charging station:

  1. Real-Time Information: Intelligent route mapping systems provide real-time data about the locations and availability of charging stations along a planned route. This information is invaluable for EV drivers as it allows them to make informed decisions about when and where to charge, reducing uncertainty and anxiety about finding charging infrastructure.
  2. Incorporating Charging Stops: These systems can factor in charging stops along a journey when planning routes. By doing so, they ensure that drivers are aware of where they will charge, how long it will take, and how it will impact their trip. This level of integration increases the visibility of charging stations as essential waypoints in a trip.
  3. Automatic Recommendations: Intelligent route mapping can automatically recommend charging stops based on the EV’s current battery state, planned route, and charging station availability. This not only simplifies the process for EV drivers but also ensures that charging stations are integrated seamlessly into the travel itinerary.
  4. Range Assurance: By providing accurate estimations of range and guidance on when and where to charge, these systems offer range assurance to drivers. This assurance reduces concerns about running out of battery power and encourages more EV usage, ultimately leading to increased charging station utilization and visibility.
  5. Planning for Convenience: These systems can help drivers choose charging stations located in convenient areas, such as near restaurants, shopping centers, or attractions. This not only makes charging more convenient but also increases the visibility of charging stations as they become associated with popular destinations.
  6. Comprehensive Mapping: Many EV manufacturers or charging stations use multiple different apps recommended to consumers, but Charge Anywhere puts it all in one place, so CPOs don’t have to risk losing out on customers choosing not to use their software.

Intelligent route mapping makes the practice of owning and operating an EV easier on drivers, but it can help expand the business or brand of CPOs in unique ways as well.

Benefits of Intelligent Route Mapping for Charge Point Operators

At the end of the day, the priority of CPOs is to increase their revenue and reach more customers. Intelligent route mapping can also optimize station usage to make CPOs and customers alike happy, by using these key features:

  1. Efficient Allocation of Resources: By providing real-time information on charging station locations and availability, intelligent route mapping helps EV drivers find and utilize charging stations more efficiently. This reduces the likelihood of stations being idle for extended periods and ensures that resources are allocated effectively.
  2. Load Balancing: Intelligent route mapping systems can distribute EV traffic to various charging stations, preventing overcrowding at popular locations while promoting the use of less-utilized stations. This load balancing maximizes the utilization of charging infrastructure across the network.
  3. Dynamic Pricing: Some intelligent route mapping applications incorporate pricing information for different charging stations. Charging station operators can adjust pricing dynamically based on factors like demand, time of day, and station occupancy. Higher pricing during peak times and lower pricing during off-peak times can encourage more even usage and increase revenue.
  4. Data Analytics: Operators can use data collectedby Charge Anywhere to gain insights into usage patterns, peak charging times, and customer behavior. This data can inform decisions on station expansion, maintenance schedules, and pricing strategies, ultimately increasing revenue.
  5. Enhanced User Experience: Providing accurate, real-time information about charging stations and guiding drivers to the nearest available options creates a positive user experience. Satisfied customers are more likely to use the service again and recommend it to others, further increasing station usage and revenue.

By optimizing station usage and enhancing the user experience, charging station operators can increase their revenue streams and even support the growth of electric vehicle adoption. Potential buyers see that charging infrastructure is readily available and easily accessible for their needs. Charge Anywhere’s mission is to democratize EVs, and intelligent route mapping is one major piece of upholding that.

How to Utilize Intelligent Route Mapping

Charge Anywhere is one of the companies leading the transition to efficient intelligent route mapping, especially in the EV space. Partnering with Charge Anywhere is the simplest way to implement this feature and take advantage of the benefits, like increased usage and a wider customer base.

To partner with Charge Anywhere, all you have to do is contact us. We’ll discuss and assess the specifics of your charging station, and in no time, you’ll find it integrated in our app’s mapping software. We use an interface that can seamlessly connect to your charging station, no matter the type. Soon, you’ll start visibly seeing the benefits of intelligent route mapping at your charging station.

The Future of Intelligent Route Mapping

Intelligent route mapping is not a static technology. The possibilities are limitless as new innovations continue to be made, meaning you could see exponential growth of your charging station as more EV drivers and platforms make the switch to intelligent route mapping thanks to newer and more useful features like:

  1. Machine Learning and AI Integration: Charge Anywhere was one of the first to integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence. These technologies can better analyze historical data, weather conditions, traffic patterns, and individual driving habits to provide highly personalized and predictive route planning, optimizing charging stops based on the driver’s specific needs.
  2. V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) Communication: V2X technology allows EVs to communicate with charging stations, grid infrastructure, and other vehicles. Intelligent route mapping can use V2X data to predict charging station availability, manage energy demand on the grid, and optimize charging schedules for EVs based on grid conditions.
  3. Voice and Natural Language Interfaces: Enhanced voice recognition and natural language processing will enable hands-free interaction with route mapping apps. Drivers can ask questions and receive real-time updates on charging station status, nearby amenities, and personalized route suggestions, enhancing safety and convenience.
  4. Integration with Smart Grids: As smart grids become more widespread, intelligent route mapping can integrate with grid data to optimize charging schedules during periods of low electricity demand, reducing energy costs for EV owners and supporting grid stability.
  5. Advanced Predictive Analytics: Leveraging big data and predictive analytics, future route mapping systems can anticipate charging station demand and recommend alternative routes or charging times to avoid congestion, ensuring a smoother charging experience.
  6. Environmental Impact Assessment: Advanced route mapping may include features that provide information on the environmental impact of your trip, including carbon emissions reduction and energy source utilization, helping users make more eco-conscious choices.

Incorporating these trends and technologies into intelligent route mapping for EV charging will not only enhance the convenience and efficiency of electric vehicle ownership but also accelerate the transition to sustainable and electrified transportation systems. Charge Anywhere will remain on the forefront of the advancement of these technologies, and successfully implement them to benefit both CPOs and EV drivers.


Intelligent route mapping makes the experience of driving, operating, and charging an EV easier on both owners and CPOs. This type of mapping exposes new consumers to your charging station, especially the consumers looking for a station exactly like yours, whereas before your station may have been buried in a list of other options. When your station is the best pick for a driver, you can be sure they’ll be directed there.
We invite all CPOs to partner with Charge Anywhere to take advantage of intelligent route mapping and our other advanced features. Contact us to take the first step towards greater revenue potential.

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